Roof Repairs

When it comes to a leaking roof, there are many different factors that may be causing it. It may be as simple as a blown off shingle, but there may be many other factors such as improper flashings, no flashing at all, or poor installation (to name a few common problems that we see). JMK Roofing and Renos. would be pleased to send our crew out to your home, assess the problem and provide a repair solution quickly and efficiently. 


The JMK team brings years of experience and professionalism to the job, whether big or small. We can tackle roof repairs faster than you could possibly imagine. We have experience repairing roofing systems of all types and ages. We know exactly where to look to find the source of the problem. 


When time is of the essence after a nasty storm, you’ll need a quick response before even more damage is caused. Don’t neglect a small leak for too long, it will only become more costly to address, sometimes requiring an even larger repair or worse. We’ve seen neglect that could have easily been resolved if we had been called upon much sooner. Sometimes leaks in roofs can become too large to repair resulting in the need for a complete roof replacement. This is where local experts like us come in handy. We can come out to assess. 


At JMK Roofing and Renos, we’ve got a large team of highly skilled roofing professionals that are ready for your call or email. If you have a traditional asphalt roof, metal roofing, cedar, tiles, or architectural shingles, in need of repair, we can get to the root of the problem and offer a rapid solution for your leaky roof.