Metal Roofing

JMK Roofing & Renos. are local experts in metal roofing solutions as well, for residential rooftops. Metal roofing is one of the strongest, most durable and economical building materials available on the market today. The two styles we primarily offer are: 9-36 profile metal roofing and snaplock metal roofing. 


The look of a metal roofing system is very different from that of a shingled roof. Metal rooftops are very aesthetically pleasing and like shingles, there are a wide range of brands, styles, colours and even textured surfaces to choose from when selecting a metal roof for your residence. In some cases, these metal roofs can be installed overtop of your current roof without the need for complete removal. This makes it a great choice for some homes with difficult to remove roofs or when there could be significant damage and unnecessary expenses caused by the removal of the existing roof.


As mentioned above, one of the styles that we specialize in is 9-36 profile metal roofs. These panels are ribbed metal that are 36 inches wide with ribs every 9 inches. They are an extremely durable roofing solution, and have an easy to clean finish. The 9-36 is one of the most popular choices for residential metal roofing and is cost effective as well. When installed correctly, they are watertight and completely fire resistant. 


Snaplock metal roofing is also offered by the crew at JMK Roofing & Renos. This style of metal roofing is nice as it does not require any type of mechanical seaming to be done, resulting in less labour to install and therefore is more budget friendly in most cases. Another added benefit to a snaplock system is that should any of the panels need repair down the road, “unsnapping” the panel to replace or repair is quite a bit easier than repairs or replacements for mechanically seamed metal roofing panels. 


Metal roofs are undoubtedly a great choice for a clean and industrial looking roofing solution to your home. They show very little wear and tear which is a benefit and provides long lasting curb appeal to your property. Homeowners that choose a metal roof find that they are a very attractive option. The initial investment may be a bit more for a metal roof, but they prove to be an incredibly durable and nearly maintenance free, long lasting residential roof solution which will keep residents safe and dry for decades to come.