Architectural Shingles

JMK Roofing & Renos. are experts in the installation of architectural shingles, otherwise known as “dimensional”, “composite” or “laminate” shingles. These products are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, colours, materials as well as thicknesses. As far as residential roofing materials go, architectural shingles offer a high performance, long lasting durability and have a great aesthetic appeal. 


The options are extensive as far as appearance goes, when choosing architectural shingles for your roof. There are a wide variety of textures, patterns and colour choices available to suit your home and individual taste. There are many reasons that the use of this material is becoming such a widespread choice for residential rooftops. 


Architectural shingles are crafted in such a way that they resemble more traditionally expensive roofing materials (such as cedar or tile) without the costly maintenance that those types of roofs require. They are so much more durable than many of their “predecessor” roofing materials. Although they are heavier than traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles, their structure does not require the same level of support built up from the roof, making them less of a strain to the roof itself. 


JMK Roofing & Renos experts choose only the best products available in our projects. We recognize that 3-tab asphalt shingles just do not have the durability that is required for living in Saskatchewan. Architectural shingles are composed of layers of strong, thick and laminated granules that are far less vulnerable to damage from snowstorms, windstorms and hail damage. The brands we choose to install for our clients are able to withstand wind up to 130 mph.


Energy efficiency and in-home temperature control are a couple of other reasons that we like to install architectural shingles on homes. The insulation provided by these shingles on residential roofs, equates to a cost savings for lowering energy consumption year round. Architectural shingles are great at keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer sun. Their value is superior for so many reasons.


JMK Roofing & Renos. proudly installs brands such as: IKO Cambridge, IKO Dynasty, BP Mystique, Owens Corning, Certainteed, and GAF architectural shingles.  Reach out to us today to discuss which option would be right for your home.